Looking Forward to a New Decade

New Years parties and the Rose Bowl parade are over. As the New Year solidifies itself, I have a lot of exciting new adventures to look forward to and blog about. I have committed to keep my blog up to date and my friends informed. I hope you enjoy my journey along with me.

What to expect from Introspectiondance in 2010:

  • Travelogue in the UK – and hopefully some traveling in Western Europe this summer
  • My experience studying at University of Leeds
  • Becoming a vegetarian during my time in England for health and safety concerns
  • Reviving dance for pleasure apart from a career: taking ballet or contemporary class at a local studio/company in England
  • Reviews of the shows and performances I see
  • One or more short stories because I plan to enter some fiction contests.

As for goals, I have my set of annually renewed or revised expectations like most people, but I decided on one thing I want to change for 2010. It is basically being ready to give an account of the hope within me and talk about and praise the Lord more openly. (1 Peter 3:15)


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