I’m Here!

Tuesday 12.1.10 9pm Greenwich time

I got to my residence about twenty after 6, so the office was closed, but I hit all the doorbells until someone let me in, then this girl, Kayla from Slovakia in flat 7 opened it and helped me call the sub warden who had to call around to get into the office for me and get me an extra key until the office is open tomorrow. The office has lately only been open from 8 to 10 in the mornings because of the snow.

All my flights went smoothly until I got to London. After waiting around for 3 hours until they posted the gate number, I found out my flight had been canceled. I’m still not sure why the flights to Manchester were canceled; there’s snow but it’s not bad. They gave us the run around for a couple hours until they decided to have us go out and get our bags and come back in through customs and security so we could get re-booked to another flight. Needless to say, I missed my train, and by time I spent all morning/afternoon in the London airport I was beginning to feel the jet lag.
So we did get to Manchester, then I got on the wrong train at first, but got off at the next stop and got it sorted out, and from the station in Leeds I took a taxi to my residence. Again, I had the opportunity to speak with a very talkative Afghanistan man who told me about his hard life being separated from his first wife who he followed to England, and their daughter, and how he now works hard to provide for his second wife and family. He showed me a picture of his little boy who had heart trouble at 11-months and had to undergo lots of surgeries there in Leeds. He said god must have wanted this hardship to happen to him. I told him that my God is not a vengeful god, but a loving god who wants good for him.

God put a lot of people in my way today, or yesterday and today or whatever it is, to show me the way and answer my questions. I would feel very comfortable doing it again. Even in the early morning at London before I found out my flight was canceled, I sat down next to a gentleman having coffee and he ended up being from Washington state and was headed to Uganda to help with the orphanage and school he and his wife started there. We started talking about God and it was a very blessed situation and meeting. I thought it funny that my church in Columbia supports a missionary family in Uganda who run an orphanage and school as well. Perhaps it’s providence. They’re not in the same city, but I gave him the church website so maybe he can contact them.

My roommates (three out of 5 five are here already studying for semester 1 exams: Rachel (25), Jack (21) and Udo(21). Udo an exchange student from Germany who has been here since semester 1, the rest are from the UK. Rich and Cat are the other two flat mates who will be getting back in town sometime soon, I suppose. That will make it a total of 6 flat mates in our 6 bedroom flat on the top (10th) floor of our house. It’s very quiet and I have a view of trees, fields, city blocks and quaint English cottages from the windows. Now is not the time to decide I brought too much with me, except sweaters. Jack told me as he lugged my heavy suitcase up to the top, “You will come to hate these stairs.” I’m sure he is right; there are ten stories to climb, twelve if you count the basement where the office is.

I think we will get along well; they are all very open and friendly, although I think I am the only Christian. Rachel even had extra sheets and a sleeping bag for me since I couldn’t go to the store tonight. I’m just glad I got in! No one knew I was coming today, except the lady I emailed who I thought worked in the office, and I didn’t call in time to tell her I was coming late.

Phew! That was a lot! I am going to finish unpacking and catch up on some sleep! Good night!

Wednesday 13.1.10

OK so I exaggerated about the stairs. I went up and down them quite a bit today, got to count them. Although there are 10 flats, there are 2 on each floor except the top two and bottom floors. So, all in all there are seven flights of stairs. Just thought I should clarify that. I only want to be known to provide the true facts!


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