Friends, Flatmates, Funny embarrassing stories

Wow! A lot has happened over the weekend. I am enjoying England more each day, and feeling as if I am belonging more and more. I was worried there for while, but God is good and answered my requests almost immediately. He has provided in every way and let things run smoothly for my transition here so far; I need to continue to trust Him to provide a part time job now. I have been busily handing in CVs everywhere I go. I am out of luck to continue my employment at Starbucks in the UK, so I might have to jump ship and join another coffee shop.

Well, Friday I finally visited Leeds City Art Gallery. Looking for the gallery led to a lot of other “adventures” when I couldn’t find it the first couple days. I took an open ballet class at Northern Ballet Theatre, which just made me miss my ballerina days more, but it was good, oh so good to be back in class! I also applied for an internship there in marketing, but we’ll see about that later…

Met some great new girl friends at the International students night – and we all went (guess what??) shopping all day Saturday. They are from Australia, Canada, Belgium, and Germany. All my flatmates are back for the semester, and I am especially happy to have Rachel and Cat back. I love my flatmates! Cat and Rachel and I get along well and can talk girl stuff and watch chick flicks together; Jack and Udo and Rich are always up to something – tonight it was playing the Irish flute…ok. Next they’re going to have an entire band in our kitchen! I’m thankful to have them to walk to the grocery store with or help eat all the cookies I make.

I visited another church Sunday and I think it will be a good fit. I had been asking the Lord for Christian fellowship, and some trustworthy friends in Leeds, and He definitely supplied those needs quickly! I was so impressed with the young people’s passion for sharing Jesus’ love with children in Leeds and reaching the younger generations that I volunteered to get involved in their ministry, Kidz Klub, targeting unchurched children in Leeds. I thought, why not commit to serving the people here in Leeds for the time that I am in the city, even if it is only 6 months.

Oh, one funny thing that happened to me? Well, funny for some unsuspecting early riser this past drizzly Sunday morning. On the way back from my run I decided to break out dancing down our street to 500 Days of Summer soundtrack on my ipod. I had checked to make sure no one was in the vicinity, I thought… I stopped my leaping and twirling when I noticed a parked car’s windshield wipers going back and forth. I don’t dance in front of people unless I’m on stage. Well, that car driver got their own private performance. I ran by the car as fast as I could!

I have been so busy exploring Leeds and meeting people that I almost forgot why I am here: school. My first classes are tomorrow. I’m sure it’s nothing I can’t handle. Wish me well! Or better, send your prayers.


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