German Night

Flat 10 partied Saturday night to end the month of February. It started as a celebration for Rachel handing in her first draft of her dissertation, and Udo wanted to host a German Fest in our kitchen. So we started off the night with German beer, German wine, German sausages, which I didn’t eat, but made my own soy burger. We all chipped in and made the sides (which wouldn’t have turned out so well without 5 cooks in our crammed kitchen). Homemade Mash and veg accompanied the sausage. Rachel made some German apple dumpling thing she found off a website. I tried to make crepes after our pancake night last week went so well. I can make american pancakes, what could be so hard about making crepe? Clearly, I lacked the talent. (check out my “crepes” below. they’re hardly recognizeable.)

Lots of people piled into our house just as we finished eating. We still can’t figure out where they came from, but we had quite the party for awhile. Rach and I retreated to our rooms to get ready for a night out and let the boys handle getting every one out of the flat. Free shots at one pub, then another, until we found a good place to dance. Was a great flat mate night out.


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