Revision Time

I compiled a list of recent things I think about in the library when I should be revising (reviewing/studying, my American friends) for my exams. Here’s a list of interesting (or not so interesting) revelations, quips, and other wandering thoughts ideas I jotted down so I could get my mind back on studying:

  • Why am I still wearing a scarf in Leeds? It’s supposed to be May!
  • Wonder if John Milton ever was married? That stuff about Eve in Paradise Lost just didn’t quite help out the reputation of women.
  • How am I going to get this ring that’s stuck off my finger?
  • That person’s Converse under the desk over there are cool. I want colorful laces like that.
  • When I wear mascara, am I feeding the miniscule organisms that live on my eyelashes?
  • If I never cut my hair, how long would it be?
  • What is the difference between baking powder and baking soda?
  • Why do the UK and the US hold Mother’s Day in different months?
  • I still find it hard to believe that Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) has a British accent.
  • I could just take a quick nap on my desk.
  • I should move over behind those bookshelves so no one sees me.
  • I think my face looked better when I was thinner.
  • Tea is so cheap in England. I’m going to miss it. I want some tea now, with a little milk.
  • I think I would marry Mr. Darcy over Lord Orville.
  • What does Lady Gaga look like now?
  • I would rather inspect the artwork on the cover of all the books on the shelves than read my own book…
  • Glad I didn’t live in the 17th century or I would’ve been burnt alive as a witch. EEEEK!
  • I could go get ‘sweeties’ to help with revising. Yes, that will definitely help me focus!
  • Another cuppa tea?
  • I need to shave my legs.
  • Does rumba start on count one or two? I always forget…
  • Hope it really is ok to drink water out of the bathroom tap here…
  • I want to go dancing!
  • Ok, read one more chapter, then I can get up and have a break…



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