Dear Friends,

This is what happens when I stay up late and drank too much Yorkshire tea: I get on my laptop and either waste away time online, or writing, or both. I am sure you can relate, at least to the online thing (i.e. face book that seems to be taking over everyone’s life).

I had a lovely day in the park today after finishing my 3 hour-long eighteenth-century literature exam, soaked up some sun, and am getting over my cold. I was sitting here trying to decide which of my wandering thoughts at this present time would be actually be worth putting up on a public blog, and then I realized that in the email I sent to one of my churches back in Columbia, SC, I had said I would be joining them in the National Day of Prayer tomorrow, but by that time tomorrow was today, at least in Greenwich time. So here it is, the National Day of Prayer, May 22 this year, and I am considering what it is I will be praying about. Usually we pray for broad things like our government, civil unrest, world hunger, missionaries overseas, etc. but I think I need to pray for what is on my heart. And that is people. Those I have come into contact with here, the friends I have made, all the precious people God has brought into my life for a reason… they’re who I pray for. I am by no means a model Christian, so don’t take me to be bragging about my spirituality or anything. I hope that you would be encouraged just to take a few minutes, or even seconds, when those people come across your mind, to pray for them too. Just begin by thanking the Lord for them, for their friendship, for what he has planned for them, then if you know anything specific to pray for that person, do. Sometimes God brings things across our minds that we just need to pray about and lay before him in trust. Pay attention for those things, or those urges.

I have so many unsaved friends and relatives that my heart longs for to come to know him. Maybe you even know who you are if you read this; know that I am praying for you because I care about you, but more than that, God cares about you and wants you for himself. He created you and wants you to be restored to him. You, my dear friends, know that today I will be writing down your name in my book, and praying for you by name. Just as God knows each of your names, he will hear my prayers and listen. Will you? I know this is beginning to sound a bit cheesy, but I mean what I say. I want nothing more than to see everyone I care for belong to Jesus and share in his happiness and goodness. I want nothing more than to see you in heaven one day. Yes, I believe all that stuff! Here we come, my Jesus and me, with our little cupid arrows after your heart!

lots of love, Becca


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