Wales, Castles and Manor Houses

My latest bit of traveling I managed while my belt is getting tight (metaphorically speaking, unfortunately) I spent three days staying with my flat mate Cat at her parents’ house in Cheshire from June 6-8. It is some of the most beautiful country side I have ever seen; the northwest near the Welsh border is quintessentially England with lush green rolling hills, gray stone walls, horses and sheep dotting the fields.

Wales: June 7

  • Conway Castle in Conwy, Wales
  • I enjoyed trying to pronounce all the Welsh signs on the drive there.
  • I don’t think Cat appreciated my butchering the archaic Celtic language.
  • Conwy is the closest to a fairy tale story castle I have seen so far.
  • One of Edward I’s many castles, completed in the 13th century.

Knutsford, England: June 8

  • Cat’s house is one of two of four remaining Victorian guard houses, to a demolished manor house.
  • Visited her mom’s and sister Josie’s half Arabians horses Sunny and Heidi.
  • Watched English saddle riding
  • Tried to kick neighbor chickens out of the corral, but they kept coming back to eat the horses’ grain.
  • Lots of old fashioned boutiques and inns in the ‘city center’
  • Many big league football players live in outside Knutsford in grand neighborhoods.
  • Home to the beautiful Tatten Park

Disley, England: June 8

  • Lyme Park Manor House:
  • Site of Pemberly, Mr Darcey’s house, in the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.
  • I had to watch the entire 5 hour-long film once we got back home.
  • My first time inside an old manor house.
  • Exquisite Elizabethan interior, portraiture and furniture

Manchester: June 9

  • Before catching my coach back to Leeds, I took a few hours to look around the city.
  • Home to arguably England’s greatest football teams, Manchester United
  • I spent my time inside the Manchester City Art Gallery, my usual stop in a new city.
  • Found China Town on accident and bought some oriental goods there.


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