Last Days in the United Kingdom

Just a moment ago it seemed I had 2 weeks left in the UK. Today I sit dumbfounded that I have a week and 2 days left. I already know I will miss England very much, but it is time to go home, as I am utterly broke and in desperate need of a job. It will be good to go back to New Mexico and bum off my parents for a month before I head back to the South and a full schedule again. It feels as if I have had 6 months of holiday, and I have, aside from the fact that I spent a quarter or a third of it in the library studying; but even that was an adventure, studying in a foreign country. If course, England doesn’t feel so different now, and I am well used to English accents now, as broad as they may be, except the deep Yorkshire one – can’t seem to get used to that. As for vacation, I have slept more these 6 months than I have in the last 2 years, I believe! It must be the English air. If I could store up on sleep and rest, I would be set for the next 2 years!

brand new exterior of Carnegie stadium

Well, these last few weeks have been pretty laid back and lazy, but I have managed to cross off several more very important things I must do before I leave. Here they are, along with my subsequent list of things I have to do ‘next time’, which keeps getting longer…

Leeds Headingly Carnegie Cricket Stadiumger and longer…


  • Had a true weekend at the lake and camping in the Lake District.
  • Saw a classic Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang car.
  • Went to a Cricket match in the famous Headingly Carnegie stadium.
  • Visited Golden Acre Park.
  • Biked up along the Yorkshire Dales (50 miles of hills!).
  • Drank Elderflower cordial with soda.
  • Drank plenty of Pimms.
  • Danced in Hyde Park (several times. I hope no one was watching)
  • Watched the new Robin Hood film before going to Nottingham.
  • Been to Wales and Scotland.
  • Had Scottish whisky.
  • Watched the World Cup in Millennium Square, Leeds.
  • Drove my bike on the other side of the road without killing myself or anyone else.
  • Played croquet.
  • Drank tea every day.
  • Started saying ‘bugger’, ‘well fit’, ‘massive’ and ‘hiya’
  • Ate pastries for breakfast, pasties for lunch.

Must Do Next Time:

  • Visit Ireland
  • Visit France
  • Spain again
  • And Germany
  • In England:
  • Stratford upon Avon – birthplace of Shapkespeare
  • Birmingham – see Sadler Well’s Ballet
  • Go back to Nottingham and wander in Sherwood Forest
  • Whitby – origin of the Count of Dracula story
  • Loch Ness in Scotland, and the Highlands
  • The Southern coast of England
  • See a Rugby match

Never Going to Do:

  • Try black pudding
  • Or haggis
  • Or goose liver paté
  • Get so drunk I fall asleep on a park bench.
  • Start calling dinner ‘tea’.
  • Talk noncessantly about the weather.
  • Drive a Mini.
  • Say ‘fanny’ aloud in public again.

Until Next Time I go the UK:

  • Keep in touch with all the good friends I made (so I have a place to stay).
  • Re-learn French.
  • Pick up playing the piano again.
  • Get back into dancing hardcore, but maybe more contemporary.
  • Get my Pilates teacher certification so I can teach again.
  • Practice my proper English accent.
  • Save money so I can go back again!

    Ilkley Moore, view from the top of one of the hills

    Calf and Cow Rock, Ilkley Moore


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