Pink Tights Countdown Day 40

I met with my nutritionist this morning – she has been helping me try to stick to a plan to lose weight since she knows my goals, well, obligations, to be performing again. I love Deborah; we have a great time chatting (and if she ever reads this, know that I think you’re great and have meant the world to me!) but even she had to tell me to take it seriously today. It’s funny how much my personality has changed so that I forgive myself maybe a little too much now and don’t let slip-ups bother me hardly at all. When in all seriousness, I don’t want to look like a buffoon onstage… so I need to be (I never thought I’d say this) harder on myself, and execute some discipline, at least for the next month before this show. It’s a pretty short amount of time, but 5 pounds is 5 pounds, and will make a difference in pink tights! Speaking of, I have to ask my mom to dig a pair out of my closet at home and send them to me. I have to say no to sweets and abstain from baking for the meantime. I won’t say no to my newly found love, fudge sickles, however. They’re harmless, I tell myself: they’re pre-portioned, and much better for me than ice cream. Anyway, I won’t rant on any longer. I need my sleep. Running in the morning!


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