Pink Tights Count Down Day 39

Today started off well. My scale even readjusted to what it was to what is was, er…last week. Not that numbers are what I am going by, but looking more fit in those darned tights and leotard is the goal. Just for future reference, buying local, organic-baked bread does not mean it will not add to your waistline if you proceed to eat the entire loaf over the course of the day. I need to be careful I don’t let old bad habits of binge-starve cycle creep up on me either. I don’t know why I am being so personal on this blog all of a sudden, and who cares but me, anyway. It is a fact that blogs tend to be more self-reflective in nature than any other type of public rhetoric. I learned that from my Advanced Writing class, by the way. Here’s a link to my blog for that class: It’s full of useful reflections of digital rhetoric. As you can tell, I do much better with this whole free-style, anything-goes blog thing than actual academic writing. I promise soon I will start writing real blog posts again. I just have this thing on my mind in the meantime about not feeling like an elephant in a tutu…not that I’m obsessed. Ha!


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