Pink Tights Count Down Day 37

I’m thinking, “Gosh, I hope no one reads this…” Now that I have incriminated myself however, I will continue to give a description of a boring day and very unuseful information. 😉 My count-down is already winding down faster than I would like to admit. Today is the first day of my fall break weekend! It’s really just two extra days off, but it is a welcome and much needed break in the semester! I am planning on catching up on my reading and papers for my classes, and resting. Now, the latter I’ve already managed, but the prior is yet to happen. One paper is due Tuesday, so I really can’t slack off.

Relaxing for me includes sleeping and sitting outside in the sun, but it also includes getting exercise and spending time outdoors, preferably both at the same time. Add talking to the Lord and meditating on His Word to the Mix, and I’ve got a complete rejuvenation package! This morning I biked down to the river walk, locked up my bike, and went for an 8-mile run, then biked back. This is the perfect weather, even during the middle of the day; I think my favorite month in Columbia is October, because it’s still pleasant outside, but just beginning to cool down. The smells of the trees and flowers or whatever is making that pumpkin-spice-smell so reminiscent of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes is heavenly, and the array of leaves changing colors and falling to the ground adds such a crisp and golden touch after a long Columbia summer. Running 8 miles is not my norm, but I find that if I can get past 5, it’s easy after that, and today I had the energy since I didn’t have to save it for school or work or dance. Stopped by the bike shop on my way back to check in on my hours and John gave me the rest of the day off and said to come in tomorrow.

In the last three years, my body has come to look more like a biker-girl than a ballerina-girl, although I’m almost certain “biker-girls” aren’t quite as hyper-aware of their bodies as dancers. I have been living the biker-girl mentality for way too long, and feel much more comfortable in a saddle than in tights. Let me rephrase that: I feel less self-conscience in a saddle than in tights. Dance absolutely comes second nature to me.

Tonight I cooked up the black beans I had been soaking, along with some rice (rice and beans= a complete protein), 2 pans of corn bread, peas and carrots and invited a couple neighbors and friends over to eat it. I find that if I eat with people, I eat less, as well as being the hostess, because I’m concerned about my guest’s welfare. Also, my roommate is out of town, and it’s just nice to have company. I enjoy cooking, but I often just won’t bother if it’s just for me. I know I should, but it’s easier just to microwave a veggie burger or make a pb &j sandwich. Anyway, now I have leftover bean soup to eat tomorrow, and lots of cornbread to feel guilty about eating.


One response to “Pink Tights Count Down Day 37

  1. Lovely blog you’ve got here, Rebecca. I like that you cook as well. Maybe I’ll have to come by and give one of your meals a go 😉 Keep posting some blogs, I’d like to see more from you, especially when I actually can’t see you in person!


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