Pink Tights Countdown, Day 12

I have let the last week or so slide by without much incentive to watch my diet for my pink tights… Still the same weight, although I know I am more toned than 3 months ago, when I started back after 9 months off. I can brag about my efforts to practice more Pilates each day I’m at the studio, and I substituted for Kyra(one of our fabulous ballet faculty member)’s Pilates classes twice last week while she was gone. It felt good to be teaching Pilates again, especially at a university level, and to many of my peers, but I am out of practice teaching too. It’s been a year and a half since the gym I taught at closed. It is my goal to get started on my teacher training and get certified in Pilates mat before I graduate from USC, so I can teach at other fitness centers while I’m looking for a more permanent job, rather than continuing to work these minimum wage jobs.  Not that I haven’t enjoyed the variety of minimum-wage jobs I’ve had thus far – coffee shop, bike shop, babysitting, tutoring – but I know I am much more highly qualified in the dance world and Pilates industry.

The Classics to Contemporary performances are in a week and a half. I am ready rehearsal-wise, and pointe shoe-wise, but not body-wise. There’s not much I can do in a week other than continue to try to eat less, and that shouldn’t be hard seeing as I am utterly broke and have no money or time to get groceries…still, I manage to eat. It’s strange. The most exciting news is, my mom is coming to see me perform! She had been talking about it ever since I told her my joy/predicament over performing in a pink tights ballet again, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Dad has to stay  home in New Mexico with the animals and horses, but mom is coming just for the weekend. She’ll fly into Charlotte and rent a car to drive down to Columbia. Apparently she has a high school friend from Colorado who lives in Columbia now, and I am sure she can find the little art galleries around here and various other things to amuse herself. It will be much different this time from the last time my parents came to visit me in Columbia during my season with Columbia City Ballet. Columbia is such a different place for me now: lighter, happier, friendlier, more comfortable. I live only 2 minutes away from that first apartment I had, and I drive by it everyday, and we perform in the same theater as CCB, as well as many other things that could and sometimes do remind me of it, but I choose not to remember that season of life if at all possible.


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