Sugar Addiction

When  I read this article, I was relieved to know that I’m not unnormal, and maybe the reoccurrence of my sweets-binges haven’t been the reoccurrence of disordered eating mentality.


No Sugar



I have decided to go on a sugar detox, because I have noticed this trend over the past couple years, that I eat well and generally balanced until I give into my sugar or refined-carbohydrates cravings. Too much sugar in my blood stream causes problems with my digestion, mental stability (I’m not kidding!), mood, and makes me feel lethargic. I feel as if my sweet tooth is a thorn in my side and sugar is the devil! I haven’t had the will to give up sugar before, and even now I recognize that an ultimatum like that wouldn’t be a good idea permanently, as it would be denying myself things I love to eat, and that would be setting myself up for disaster, but I think I am at the point where I realize I need to do something about it. Christmas is not the best time to swear off sweets, but there is never a good time. If I start now, in a couple weeks hopefully the addictive sugar cravings will have subsided enough for me to indulge in moderation those festive treats that I just can’t do without like fudge. How much better it will taste too, when I haven’t been eating sugary stuff all month and ‘tasting’ every batch of cookies or sweets and am already sick of it! Mind you, I have the guidance of my nutritionist who has known me for 2 years, and the support of my mom and sister who are also sweets-addicts – well, maybe not as bad as me! After all, my family’s name is the name of the cookie monster in German – “Krumel Monster”. hmmm… thanks, Dad! I know you say we’re your “sweet girls” and all, but all the times you’ve convinced us to make you cookies maybe wasn’t such a good habit for us.

If you’re wondering why this blog has suddenly become too much about my personal “stuff”, take a look at mystory, which is where all my blogging efforts have been going for an advanced writing class. As soon as the semester is over and my project finished, I intend to be more faithful to thoughtful blogging on here.





3 responses to “Sugar Addiction

  1. Rebecca,

    That’s quite a blog you’ve been writing about yourself in “Mystory” and I’m so very impressed; it begs me to respond. You’ve become so eloquent that your writing puts mine to shame, now as you’ve grown beyond grade school and into college. You convey things with such feeling, color, and endearment. And in the things you praise and endorse, you sound like a beautiful woman without even looking at you. If I didn’t know you were my daughter, and if I didn’t already, I’d fall in love with you. But then, that’s probably easy to understand, since you’re part of your mother and me anyway, with similar beliefs, likes and dislikes. You have such a love for God, and a pure heart to go with it, that you’re much like your namesake: captivating (endearing), enchanting, deep. I’m so glad you got named the way you did; you’ve discovered more in your name than we ever knew about. It truly fits you, it’s lovely, and I’m glad you can be encouraged to walk, even dance in it.

    What I love about Rebekah who is written about in the Bible is her thoughtful and kind nature, as demonstrated at the well. I enjoyed the same thing of the princess in the movie, “Enchanted”. Although blissfully unwise to the world and an implausible human, she depicted a sincere and pure heart, untainted by selfishness and unhindered about singing and dancing, and sharing joy without first calculating, without corruption of the world we know. She didn’t know how vulnerable she was. Rebecca Lynn, you find joy to express yourself in wonderful ways of writ and movement; I wish I simply had the vocabulary to express myself to you. Being vulnerable you’ll allow in for yourself occasional disappointment. But refusing to be held back by it or by unforgiveness, you can be joyful and a fragrance to others. Like the princess, you’ve risked sincerity and expression, to the point I’ve learned you have thoughts of real depth; you are a ‘deep pool’. Yet instead of naivety, it’s with honesty and purpose you’ve chosen to share of yourself and be more of a real person than the others who are only pretenders.

    As my father told me, my brother and my sister I’ll tell you: my legacy won’t be my name or any deeds, or any things I leave behind. My legacy is you, your brother and your sister. I’m proud of each of you already for the persons you’ve become, so I’m satisfied and have no concern about what my life here leaves behind. Perhaps this is too sentimental. Yet, I believe you for one (and I for two) appreciate discussing the many things that are meaningful; much more than to about the weather. That’s what I’d like to promote among God’s people.

    Like you, I believed my thoughts were too ‘introspective,’ and that I shouldn’t be so esoteric. Is that the word? But that’s because this world is so shallow. With your example I’m learning that people can be ever more ‘deeper in depth,’ (to coin a phrase) than what I realized before. I hope we can all learn to relate better in God’s family. Didn’t He intend us for Himself as well? If that’s possible then we must be capable. I’ve come to believe what we have to look forward to in heaven is not great wealth, mansions, or gold. Rather, Paul’s prayer is that we would come to know the glory of our inheritance which is “in the saints” (Eph 1:18), once we’re all made perfect. And to be in His presence, able to worship God in glory without earthly restrictions, is one thing that here you’ll be challenged to describe, even with the best ability.

    I think love and beauty both come from the heart, and like your expressions (both written and danced) they are brought outwardly from a countenance that’s inside. It really shows, and I love you even more for it.

    Love, Dad

    • Dad, you made me cry my eyes out! I’m glad no one else is in my apartment right now – they’d ask me what’s wrong! But they’re tears of joy. Tears because I know I don’t live up to everything you’ve said, tears because I don’t deserve it, and tears because it’s wonderful to know you love me so much and what a wonderful picture that is of how much our heavenly Father loves us! I wish every little girl could have a father like you. But for those who don’t, they have a heavenly Father who wants them to know Him. I love you back!! Becca

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