Winter Break in Status Updates:


  • Home in NM for two days and I’ve got my fill of red chili, green chili, tortillas, posole, and SNOW!!
  • First year I beat Caleb and Elizabeth home for Christmas!
  • 6 inches of snow this morning!
  • Happy birthday Dad! note to self: stay out of the cake.
  • Glad I got a hike up the mountain in before the snow.
  • Home for two days and haven’t got out of my sweats or pajamas.
  • 12 inches of snow and still coming down!
  • Cooking up a storm with mom in the kitchen…
  • 16 inches of snow and it’s still coming down!
  • Maybe ‘trucking’ up to the post office a mile away in 2 feet of snow wasn’t the best idea…
  • Trying to ignore all the songs about mistletoe, “baby it’s cold outside”, “all I want for Christmas is you”…
  • Ba-humbug – being single for another Christmas.
  • “Single men are like waffles, single women are like spaghetti”…unfortunately I feel more like a waffle.
  • Remembering the Christ in Christmas.
  • In love with a beautiful Savior.
  • Romance me, Jesus!
  • Love the glow of Christmas lights under the snow on the deck.
  • Love the smell of wood burning stoves.
  • Love hot chocolate.
  • Hot chocolate doesn’t count as calories, right??
  • Giving the cat a bath…if you hear screams from the bathroom it’s alright.

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