Winter Break Handmade Gift List

*If you are family do not read this or I will put snow in your bed while you’re sleeping!!*

Our family is all really creative and inventive, and we’re all broke this year – having three kids in college working minimum wage jobs, and Dad not getting his promised raises for the third year in a row because of government cuts will do that to you – so we’re planning on making all or most of our Christmas gifts this year.  Considering I get enough time to finish my projects, these are my plans to make something new out of old for everyone in the family:

  • Quilted, covered ribbon bulletin board and button thumbtacks for Eliz
  • Key chain holder, cookbook of family recipes revised for bachelor cooking for Caleb
  • ‘Recycled’ Shimano cycling shoes I pulled out of the throw-away bin at work for Caleb
  • Used books from for various family members
  • Stone beaded earrings for Mom
  • Standing flip-photo album for Dad’s office
  • Tin of his favorite candy canes for his shop
  • Recording family history for grandpa (and taking down/stowing away all the girlie stuff in my old room that he stays in now!)
  • Hanging more family pictures in grandma’s nursing home room
  • Decorating Christmas cookies, making fudge and homemade breads for neighbors
  • Handmade Christmas ornaments for relatives
  • Bath and hair cut for kitty Magellan, or “Maggie” as I like to call him
  • baked puppy treats for Cessna the dog

What I’m wishing for my family to make for me:

  • Tight-crochet or knitted cap
  • Tooled leather checkbook cover
  • Framed artwork/painting by Mom
  • A teakettle (Ok, I don’t know how you make one of these but I want one.)
  • A big sign to go on my fridge that says, “you don’t need to open me.”
  • Pay my January rent

Do you have any ideas that are great handmade gifts? Please share them!


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