Winter Break in Status Updates 2

  • Sad the snow melted before we got to make a snowman (and snow woman)
  • Made “world’s worst cookies” with sister in brother’s house.
  • Brother’s bachelor pad reeks.
  • Practicing country line dancing in the living room.
  • Want to go swing dancing so badly!!! need a partner in Albuquerque. Any takers?
  • All cats are felines.
  • Magellan the cat is basically a girl – “Maggie”.
  • Decorated Christmas cookies with the fam: NASA shuttles, Carl’s Jr. star, bio-hazard signs, “she-tree”, alien Santa, angel Frankenstein, “ghost of Christmas past”, three peas in a pod…all in sugar icing!
  • Moved on to decorate all the graham crackers in the house and still had multi-colored icing left over!
  • Too much sugar makes me feel ba-humbug.
  • Teased my brother’s girlfriend too much.
  • Brother’s g.f. might hate his sisters now. whoops.
  • Disappointed that the old ladies I taught pilates to are fiercer and more fit than me!
  • celebrating my “little brother’s” 21st birthday!!!
  • being the d.d.

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