Real Food, Bad Sugar

courtesy of Darya Pino, Ph.D

This is the new year, and I have already seceded my new year’s resolution, the one about food and diet – sound familiar? It’s nice to know that I’m not unlike anyone else out there, but somehow, although I have a track record of failing and giving up too easily, I tend to think I should have super powers and be able to harness them into my control. Well, I am wrong. I am still trying to lose weight so I can appear on stage dancing more, but I seem to lose sight of my goals easily. I wrote a previous blog post about my sugar addiction and wanting to give up sugar – which was my resolution, until I can lose weight at least, and then incorporate it back into my life. Well, have you ever looked at the ingredients on the back of your pre-packaged foods? Even peanut butter that I thought was natural had added sugar. In order to eat only natural foods with no added sugar or preservatives, it seems, I must buy local or organic, or from the health food store. As a college student that is difficult; my budget is extremely limited, but it is worth it. As long as I am wise about what “organic” and “natural” food I spend my money on – because natural foods stores tend to hike up the prices because they think people will be duped into buying something with a healthy label on it when it’s really the same thing on the shelves at Kroger… not saying everything in natural food stores are like that. If it’s packaged, be extra alert and read the ingredients label. You’re better off going with the unpackaged foods to make sure they’re real.

All that said, I am off to go pick up a few groceries to hold me over until I get paid next, which may be in 2 weeks. I am tempted to try to go vegan (see my past post Vegan and Christian) for a short while, because I know I could lose weight and get back into a leotard comfortably, but I needs be honest with myself – I do not have the time or money to spend preparing vegan meals with my full time school schedule and three part-time jobs. So I will begin again where I left off, trying to eat “real food” and cut the crap – sugar. Want support to do the same?

Here are a couple good links that are adequately researched and not a bunch of hippie leftovers:

Sugar Content of Common Food Products by Dr. Darya Pino on Summer Tomato

Sugar Addiction and Why It’s Real at

My Years Without Sugar Blog and Michael Pollan interview on The Daily Show

When Crop Becomes King by Michael Pollan

Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

Why We Get Fat youtube clip series Gary Taubes at Dartmouth


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