Uneventful Day

Seriously?! Did this just happen to me?!! I’m biking home (actually to the family’s house I’m house-sitting, which is a 15 minute longer commute than normal for me) after another uneventful 9 to 9 day, and my chain gets stuck in the rear derailleur. no big deal. stay calm and pull over to the side of the road in the freezing cold dark and figure out how to fix it. My chain skips all the way home. Just keep pedaling and hope I can get back to campus at 8:30am tomorrow. I get home search for something to clean my grease-stained hands. They’ll look pretty in ballet tomorrow! This house is pristine; I’m afraid to touch anything. I try laundry stain remover, nope. bar soap, nope. Finally I try some windex – it fixes everything, right? Like in “My Big, Fat Greek Wedding”? To my amazement, it works! Then I pull out my laptop to finish my paper that’s due tonight and my flash drive with all my important documents including vitae, resume, and school papers is broken – in half! The weight inside my bag of all the goods I needed to stay over here tonight must have broken it off my laptop… I knew I should have taken it out. Next the ginormous labradoodle I’m pet sitting goes into a jumping frenzy and decides he can’t keep off me and tears a hole in the back of my shirt with his claws….I think I am still in shock.

I’m going to have the most fattening, sweet chocolaty thing I can conjure up, make a cup of espresso for an all-nighter, and gather myself…to write a paper.


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