DONE with chocolate chip cookies

This girl is d-o-n-e with chocolate chip cookies. Unless they have whole grain flour and organic chocolate chunks…

I am usually a cookie fiend – that’s why I don’t keep sweets in the house. My dad always wanted my sister and I to make him cookies when we were growing up, and I soon become addicted – and obsessed with baking. Last year I found out from my German flatmate in England that my name, my dad’s family name Krumel was the German name for the big Sesame Street Cookie Monster – “Krumel Monster”, which I love to share now, and have probably written in too many blog posts.

Sweets are the only bad thing in my diet, and that is because when I eat them it is often out of control. This year I committed to giving up white sugar. I really want to get all processed white crap out of my diet, but I have to start with one at a time, and this one is the most difficult to tackle. I have had several major set-backs, usually surrounding “that time of the month” or at friends’ houses or at parties or when we have sweets at the office. I don’t keep sugar in my house except for the times I make excuses to bake something for friends because, honestly, I want a “taste” (a rather large taste it ends up being too).

One of those moments happened today. It has been a long week full of deadlines and staying up till 2am, so I am glad to have ballet and work this afternoon canceled. I am house sitting, and decided to bake cookies for the house family once they get back, to replace the ones I ate. What better than chocolate chip cookies, the great American tradition? I hate to brag, but this batch turned out the closest to a cook book picture I have ever done – but I won’t brag for long. They tasted awful! I kept eating some of the dough to get my sugar fix and feel-better remedy, but it didn’t help. I don’t know why I keep going back to sweets for comfort and stress-relief. Real good quality chocolate does help, but these chocolate chips tasted like plastic in my mouth – maybe it is because I have been consciously avoiding sweets these last couple months, and it is starting to set in and my taste buds are recognizing the switch – I thought surely my few set-backs have ruined my efforts, but they were vegan carob and cocoa brownies, not chocolate chip cookies. This time I made the real deal – with Nestle semi-sweet mini chips, real butter and eggs… and I literally felt sick (it’s not the old wives tale of raw eggs. It’s stomach on crap-overload.) Half an hour later, I am feeling the low from the sugar “high”, and this is without having completely cut sugar from my diet in the last two months! I hope I remember the awful plastic-y taste and sluggishness I felt after eating that cookie dough/cookies so I don’t do it again. I would rather waste my sweet indulgence on something better, and maybe of a little more nutritional value – chocolate chip cookies have a nutritional value about the same as Easy Mac – nadda, unless you count the calcium from the chocolate chips and butter, and the vitamins from the eggs.

After all, this great American tradition of ours ain’t so grand. It’s only 80 years old (Ruth Wakefield invented chocolate chip cookies in 1930) and has aided in the national “Western diseases” of obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Forgive me for being so negative; I still love to bake, but am getting more and more fed up with the white, refined crap we (myself included) are sold by commercialism and organized agriculture and force our bodies to try to recognize it and do something with it. I have a sweet tooth and probably always will, but I can re-teach my body good from bad.


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