Preparation: Sprouted Bread

I can’t wait to try making my own sprouted bread!

I set out some jars out to sprout wheat berries, quinoa, amaranth.  Going to get some buckwheat/groats to add to my line-up.  In a couple days I should be able to make some sprouted bread! All the sprouted bread I’ve tried like Ezekiel bread (not 100% raw because it’s baked) tasted so wholesome and yummy, especially with nut butters! If you like your food chewy an nutty, you’ll love sprouted bread too. I don’t own a dehydrator (yet), so I want to dehydrate it in the oven on the lowest possible setting and see if that works.

Here are two recipes I want to try:

Directions for sprouting grains:

Rinse 1 cup of each grain and place in a jar or bowl with (filtered) water, covered. Let sit over night and rinse in the morning. Drain water and place the jars upside down to avoid mold. you’ll begin to see little sprouts from. Rinse once to twice a day.The sprouts will nearly double in size, so use large enough jars. In 2-3 days you’ll have enough to make bread.

This method can also be used to make alfalfa and other bean sprouts, but use a filter/mesh screen over jar lid and drain thoroughly each day. Salad sprouts take about a week to grow long enough.


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