Raw Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cashew Frosting

Easter treat! After several days of “break fast” not baking (I did eat baked goods/sweets which was also initially part of my lenten fast, but my God is not a legalist. It’s all for practising discipline anyway.) I was sorely tempted to bake a carrot cake…but I have enjoyed the raw recipes I’ve been trying for the past couple weeks so much, I had to give a raw carrot “cake” recipe a try – much to my delight!

I made do with my blender and shredded carrots – which stayed pretty chunky, so I ended up with something more like “carrot cake haystacks”. ha! Delicious though. The only substitutions I made to the below recipe from The Taste Space were 2 cups shredded carrots plus 1/2 cup carrot juice for the carrot pulp. I also soaked my dates before blending to aid my blender’s job, and put the muffin tin in a warm for 45 minutes instead of the fridge to “dehydrate” them.

The frosting is INCREDIBLE. Better than canned whipped up sugar and margarine frosting any day! Although I do love a good butter cream frosting…anyway, the cashew -date frosting was delicious but would be better if it were creamy, not chunky. Looking for an inexpensive food processor, anyone??

Over all, this recipe was super easy to make and had a big pay off. In my opinion, much more satisfying than carrot cake.

the taste space

I discovered where I inherited my veggie-loving genes.

You see, it skipped a generation.

I recently visited my grandparents. Not wanting to burden my grandmother with worrying about what I was going to eat, I took charge and delved into her kitchen to see what I could make….. While she typically makes traditional German food, I was delighted to discover she also had glass jars filled with oodles of dry beans, dried fruit, and whole grains (quinoa, millet, barley, rolled oats), a freezer filled with nuts and seeds, a pantry with tamari (my grandmother has tamari?!) and even things I have never eaten like Brewer’s yeast and soy lecithin. I almost forgot she also had a 20-year old juicer!!

My meal of the weekend was a double batch of my easy Curried Beans and Quinoa with Baby Bok Choy which was enjoyed by all.

However, my culinary bliss…

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