30 Before 30

1. Backpack Europe. Get a Eurorail pass before I turn 25 – this didn’t happen, but I can still go before I’m 30!

2. Get a “real job” and save money. – overrated. new goal: save money.

3. Go on a missions trip.

4. Pay off my student loans. – I have started.

5. Go snorkeling, scuba diving, or cave diving.

6. Perform or work with world class ballet companies. Or contemporary dance companies: Hubbard St, LINES, Nederlands Dance Theatre.

7. Choreograph and stage at least 2 works each year – so far so good!

8. Get married and start having kids – maybe before 30??

9. Give blood and find out what blood type I am.

10. Learn Spanish. or Italian. or re-learn French.

11. Learn to ski.

12. Get my Master’s in something more useful than my undergraduate degrees. – hmm is an M.F.A. in Dance useful??

13. Visit friends in Great Britain and this time don’t leave without seeing Ireland and the Scottish highlands!

14. Buy some decent  furniture.

15. Put a down payment on a house.

16. Get a dog that can go hiking w/me.  Maybe a cat too.

17. Buy a nice road bike AND a mountain bike.

18. Get my Pilates certification.

19. Donate my hair to Locks of Love.

20. Teach a Bible study/prayer group.

21. Move to another state or country. – check, for one state over.

22.  Study flamenco in Spain.

23. Learn to water-ski or surf. not at the same time! That’s called wake-boarding!

24. Learn to roller blade or skate board.

25. Read The Complete Works of Shakespeare. (only a few of the tragedies and histories left, I think)

26. See the Grand Canyon.

27. Hike in the American Northwest (and/or Alaska).

28. Visit Boston again.

29. Sell stuff on Etsy.

30. Begin writing a book.


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