10 Ways to Ride a Bike in a Skirt

"I wish I was cool enough to ride a bike in a skirt."

I had the idea for this article just in time for the May issue of Skirt magazine. Just as well now-the weather in Columbia is still both bike and skirt-friendly.

For those of us who are reducing our carbonĀ  foot print yet still want to look feminine on occasion.

1. Buy a skort. yes, those shorts with a flap of fabric in front to make them look like a skirt that are so far out-of-style they were something we picture our moms in while gardening or driving to soccer practice with the carpool of kids in the van.

2. Try wearing running shorts under your skirt to make it a scooter. A scooter resembles a skirt all the way around, and has shorts underneath. (wikipedia.org)

3. Spandex shorts work just as well, pull them out of your closet painful as it is to remember all the aerobics classes with white sneakers and scrunchy shoe laces.

4. Wear leggings to be trendy & cover up all necessary areas. Can also be the base layer of your “abominable snowman” outfit during the winter, necessary to keep out the chill.

5. Stuff your skirt in your bag and pull it out when you get there. Bathrooms are the most discreet place to undergo your transformation, but if you’re not bashful you can pull it on over wherever you lock up your bike.

6. Take a spandex-lycra blend skirt that folds up small enough to fit in a purse and not wrinkle if you need to look dazzling and like you didn’t ride a bike to wherever you’re going.

7. Crumple up all long ends and secure them so they don’t get caught in your gears. Be creative. You can tuck them into your lap or sit on the bulk of your skirt by wrapping it around your legs like a diaper.

8. Make sure you choose one that is long enough and has enough flexibility to put your leg over the seat. or at least look around before you lift your leg.

9. Hum the song from the Wizard of Oz while bicycling in boots and a long skirt. To complete the “Wicked Witch of the West” look put a basket on the front of your bike for Toto.

10. Go into Wild West Mercantile Store and ask the clerk about purchasing a riding skirt. Make sure you get a holster for your gun too. and a cowgirl hat. Or go side-saddle. Who needs both legs to peddle?