Nonsensical Day in the Life of Facebook Posts

Morning All Sentient Beings! plain and simple its just a BEAUTIFUL DAY! so SMILE!!! thought I’d start you off with something EXTREMELY SUPEREMLY DOPE for your mind to soak your body to move and your spirit to vibe with ūüôā Here is some Jazz Juice for that parched soul ūüôā Vibin Good Day!¬†What a great morning! Outstanding, Sir.¬†Starbucks Barista: “Would you like to add a cream cheese pumpkin muffin to your order?” “Um YES!!!!!! And it was so.Not to sound creepy, but you were in a dream of mine last night! I woke up all freaked out and disoriented because I couldn’t remember your last name. Walk of shame. I feel that ¬†after last night I should let some people know, yes, I am a homosexual! sorry ladies. ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•¬†I hope no one thinks I’m a hoe. I’m experiencing a bit of an identity crisis.¬†I dreamed about Johnny Depp last night…¬†Did anyone feel that? I just experienced my first tiny little urffquake. Earthquake‚Ķnow I’m out for some coffee and doughnuts before my building collapses.¬†Breakfast of champions:¬†I was thinking more along the lines of sugar and weed. Wow! A 5.8 on the richter scale and I didn’t feel a thing! Being awake so much has really cut into my lazy time.I’d rather go back to bed than go to work. A lot of things are natural; that doesn’t mean it’s good for you.¬†Anyone for lunch? I’m hungary, yeah! Are you really going to eat that? It’s not MY fault that you told everyone in the cafe your secrets!!! Feeling lonely‚Ķ. …all I need is to talk to my boogie and my life will be complete! Love is all you need. It is very much time the tribe blasts a whole through any and everything. I’m blessed even in the toughest of times because I have authentic love happening in my life. Soooooooo DOPE! Spent 10 hours in the dance building today. Maybe showing up drunk/hungover to dance rehearsals will actually IMPROVE what I’m supposed to be doing these next few months. Thank you Twyla Tharp. Cheerssss. Can I just take a nap? I may be 22 but my mom is still my best friend. My Mom called this afternoon to remind me to take my medicine. My Mom thinks I’m cool. ūüôā Swerving in and out of students with my bike on campus. And USC said.. Time for traffic. Going to the library to study. You’re a cockroach of happiness! Anyone going dancing tonight? Come and unleash your out of control creativity machine. Ready for a Flat Tire. There is no 470-proof alcohol ‚Äď Johnny Depp. Taking my new little black dress and heels out tonight.You just gave dap to a little dude in zebra stripe tight pants with his undies showing…very gangster, very masculine! ¬†I ‚ô• Bob Marely. If you don’t think this is amazing.. we probably shouldn’t be friends. Just go with the flow. there was scurrying and hoppingness involved. Do what they say, not what they do. I am not ok with randomness and disorder.


Just a note: this work is a piece of non-fiction in progress, quoted exactly from friends’ Facebook status updates and juxtaposed with some of my own expectations. While it may not be considered “writing” to some, it is intended to challenge ideas of creative non-fiction writing. I do not intend to provoke anyone by using his/her quotes out-of-context; remember what you post on Facebook is public domain.


Facebook Fatigue

In response to the Facebook Fatigue, Friends, Friendship and Focus blogpost¬†by The Extinct Existentialist, I think it is time for this romantic idealist and paper-and-pen loving girl to reconsider her Facebook addiciton. I do spend countless precious minutes on that social network that could be better spent elsewhere. It is by far my favorite go-to when I want to procrastinate, as well as my sleep-deprivator. The benefits are great in that I can communicate with friends across the country or across the ocean anytime of the day without costing me a penny, but then I wonder how much more efficient and meaningful my communication would be if I had to call them. Even email has turned into the snail mail of the future, and I only email people when I have time to write them a thoughtful message, or I it is too important for the trivialness of Facebook. I cringe to see businesses using Facebook for their work. What happened to¬†it being a “social networking” site?

I have decided to limit my Facebook time to 5-10 minutes a day, usually in the evenings, because that is one of my winding-down the day methods, but I wonder¬†that I don’t need a different course¬†of limitation.¬†I could not eliminate it completely because so many of my friends contact me about important stuff like rehearsals or meeting times on it, nor do I want to.

What happened to writing letters? I ask this question along with the anonymous author of the above tracked post. Letters are more personal, and I am scared¬†that if I switched over to letters or phone calls, personal modes of communication,¬†many of my current infrequent correspondents would altogether stop Facebook messaging me. Some of those I wouldn’t mind losing the semi-“personal” contact with, but others I am afraid I would; I want to cultivate our communication, but am I limited to the popular technology-driven options of our culture? It is tricky thing to¬†consider…Would some of my friends overseas, for instance, continue to correspond with me if I was suddenly no longer online? We would have to be¬†intentional about it. And I would have to make time and effort to write them. Somehow, I feel like the trade-off would be much more satisfying, however. Remember when you were a kid and you got a letter in the mail, how exciting it would be? Or anticipating a letter from a friend? Now all I have to anticipate in the mail is bills. I call for a return to letter writing and expecting good things in the mail!

I find that I relate and can speak for many others that we can relate and agree to what he had to say about Facebook(and technology) addictions:

“Facebook is an excellent way to stay in touch, but forgive me if I also think it the scourge of society. It seems to me that if we spend less time updating the world about our lives and reading about other people‚Äôs lives, we spend more time actually living. We can cultivate friendships face-to-face instead of maintaining superficial, virtual acquaintances. I would rather have a few strong relationships with friends I visit on a regular basis than 500 ‚Äúfriends‚ÄĚ on Facebook. I realize this is not an either-or situation. We can have both. But I can‚Äôt shake the notion that somehow we might be better off without Facebook.”