2010 in Review

In retrospect, this year wasn’t so bad. I did a lot of new things of which I think I deserve to be proud of. (Yes, I realize how conceited I am…)

Here’s my brag list for 2010:

1) Traveled overseas for the first time:

  • UK – Leeds where I studied at Leeds University and volunteered for a charity called Kidz Klub with local churches and communities. I visited a wide range of cities and sites in England, Scotland, and Wales.  Didn’t make it to Ireland, but I will next time :).
  • Italy and Spain – just braised these incredible countries and visited the popular Rome, Venice and Barcelona
  • Now I’m just itching to travel more! It might be awhile before that can happen again – I need to save money.

Pub crawl and fancy dress with my English flatmates and friends

my "adoptive family" at a wedding in Leeds

Pri and I in Venice

Inside the Vatican in Rome


on the pier in Barcelona


I made friends for a lifetime in England.

Lo and me celebrating end of the term in Hyde Park: we may have had too much Pimm's - because that's legal in parks in England, you know...


Kidz Klub charity cycle ride practice


outside Buckingham Palace on my last visit to London

2) Returned to dancing with USC and performed onstage again and put on pointe shoes aka ‘boots’ (miracles never cease to happen!):

  • Classics to Contemporary – for my first performance after taking 9 months off ballet and almost 2 years off pointe, I did not expect to have to appear in pink tights and a pink tutu-thing for Raymonda variations.
    Great Galloping Gottschalk by Lynn Taylor-Corbett was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things and enjoy dancing again.
  • Student Choreography showcase – It was an honor to be a part of two other girls’ pieces. I am looking forward to choreographing my own next year. I don’t want to pass this opportunity by. I missed dancing too much and have already missed out on enough in the past few years by doubting myself and giving up too easily.

Great Gallopping Gotschalk with USC Dance Company


Raymonda variations with USC Dance

USC Student Choreography Showcase: Julianna's piece 'Dream to Cry Again'

in rehearsal for student choreography

3) Tried several new outdoor activities/sports:

  • Ice skating – with my family. And I am the most un-graceful of us all on the ice!
  • Cycling – went on my first long rides with friends in England, and upon returning to Columbia began working at a bike shop taught me a lot about cycling. I am still in the learning process.
  • Rowing – well, I am a weakling, but I discovered I can row at the gym to gain strength. Plus, it’s a great full-body workout.
  • Rock climbing – again, discovered I am a weakling. But the thrill is great and I can’t wait to go back for more!
  • Taught Pilates again at various places – subbing for Kyra at USC Dance Dept and at Cedar Crest Fitness at home in NM. Ideally I would get my certification so I could teach rather than working minimum wage jobs.

4) Became a vegetarian, which wasn’t a hard thing, because I don’t like much meat anyway, but I began eating meat again over the holiday season when I spent time with family and friends who made some yummy carnivorous dishes. I will probably return to being a “seasonal vegetarian”. Really, my intake of sugar and processed crap is probably what I should be most concerned about.

5) Switched my coffee addiction to tea – which is cheaper since I don’t get freebies from Starbucks anymore. I think it’s better for me since it has less caffeine, but I can drink a lot more cups of black tea than coffee in a day!

6) Got my first reviews published in the UK (have yet to in my own university paper yet… nothing like doing things backwards!)

7) Started playing piano again while I was home this summer, sorta…

8 ) Began routinely babysitting for the first time without being afraid of babies crying, changed a lot of diapers – (growing up I would pet-sit for our older neighbors instead)  Finally this year I got the whole “mom” experience – complete with driving a minivan!

What I didn’t accomplish in 2010 that I would have liked to (and please don’t judge, although I guess I deserve it if I post this on a public blog), but I will add to my list for 2011:

1) Enter a fiction/short story contest.

2) Adopt a Compassion International Child.

3) Lose these pesky 15 pounds.

4) Get my Pilates certification

5) Win one person over to Christ – although I can’t be certain; only God does and that’s not something I can count by numbers, nor should I.

In addition to the above these are the things I want to do in 2011:

6) Definitely more rock climbing – inside then one day maybe outside.

7) Choreograph and stage my own piece.

8 ) Go swing dancing more consistently so I get better, and learn a new type of dance, say Flamenco!!

9) SAVE money for traveling

10) Get an internship in NY or London or other big city overseas so I can travel more.

11) Take some more graduate level classes for my BA to challenge myself.

12) Improve my writing and get articles published in the states.

13) Keep up my Vista Muse arts reviews blog better this year.

So…. I might be an overachiever and an idealist, but it’s better to have too many dreams set goals and fall short of them than to never have dreamed at all.

The New York Times Year in Pictures is an excellent summation of global happenings while I was busy doing my thing. It’s good to be reminded of the bigger picture and how fortunate I am to pursue my own ambitions. I caught up on 12 months of news by looking at these pictures:



Looking Forward to a New Decade

New Years parties and the Rose Bowl parade are over. As the New Year solidifies itself, I have a lot of exciting new adventures to look forward to and blog about. I have committed to keep my blog up to date and my friends informed. I hope you enjoy my journey along with me.

What to expect from Introspectiondance in 2010:

  • Travelogue in the UK – and hopefully some traveling in Western Europe this summer
  • My experience studying at University of Leeds
  • Becoming a vegetarian during my time in England for health and safety concerns
  • Reviving dance for pleasure apart from a career: taking ballet or contemporary class at a local studio/company in England
  • Reviews of the shows and performances I see
  • One or more short stories because I plan to enter some fiction contests.

As for goals, I have my set of annually renewed or revised expectations like most people, but I decided on one thing I want to change for 2010. It is basically being ready to give an account of the hope within me and talk about and praise the Lord more openly. (1 Peter 3:15)