Fully Raw FAQ

Found a helpful FAQ by FullyRawKristina. She advocates eating 100% raw, and offers supported reasons why doing so is best.  She has me convinced! However, many sites say that you will benefit from eating raw foods  if you eat 25% or 100% (kind of common sense, I would think!).  Personally I am aiming for 75-90% raw, because of my budget and lifestyle.

Ekologisk raw food

Disclaimer: I don’t approve of many raw foodist’s claims that eating raw will put you on track for physical, mental, and spiritual happiness, in that progression. Yes, your body will feel much better and you may experience more mental clarity (definitely something I’m out to get!) and even a sense of being “high” on life. I believe that this is because it is the closest to what God originally created our bodies to run on when He put us in the Garden. It’s easy for me to get caught up in this way of life too, if I let it, but it is not what defines me and will never be my identity. My blogging about this will probably taper off as I learn out how to incorporate it into my lifestyle more seamlessly. Hope that’s good news for anyone who thinks I’ve “gone off the deep end” with this foodie stuff. Come hang out with me and we can talk about what the Lord is doing in our lives AND eat some avocado carob pudding. 🙂