Green River

Tubing down the Green River in Saluda, North Carolina was the best thing to finish off the summer. For most of it I was in silence because I was separated from the rest of the group, but it gave me some good thinking time and I began to analyze each turn and bump all the way down the river.

The River can be a metaphor for the Christian life, especially one with lots of rocks and falls. Strangely, I saw a lot of resemblance between my ride down the river and my life. I hit almost all the rocks and bumps along the way, and got stuck once or twice. Some other people seemed to be able to avoid all the rocks. Rocks in the river can stumbling blocks or guide you along the current. There is one solid Rock you can always stand on. When I got too confident in myself and thought I had control, I went over the falls and lost my inter-tube. The current pulled me down, down, down the river. I couldn’t find my feet but kept being pulled under the water and tumbling down the fall. The fall wasn’t even the most turbulent, but I had no power over it until I came to the end, to the placid waters again. I got bruised and scraped up a little, but the water kept me moving. Although I had started out ahead, I began lagging behind everyone else. There was not much I could do to catch up except try to get into the current. I had to relax and enjoy the ride. So with life, some things I cannot control, they just happen, like the rocks come. The twists and turns, rocks, tree branches, and falls made it more beautiful, more interesting. I learned a lot from having to deal with them and navigate on my own.

Eventually I caught up, and even surpassed the others when I least expected it! I hope that the results of several big rocks lately in my life will come to pass soon and that I find myself no longer in turmoil but around the bend in the river. I must remember that the rocks are sometimes a blessing. They strengthen us by making us overcome them or get around them, and they give us something to push off of. There is one rock that is a metaphor for this reason – Jesus Christ is the Rock and he is the solid rock. You can build your life upon him. Usually people turn to God when the rocks come in their life. Why not seek him out while you’re still a ways off?