Charleston, baby!

The only place in the state of South Carolina to get my biometrics done for the UK is in Charleston. Lucky for me it’s Thanksgiving week and I could take time off, my sweet friend Lauren was driving to Charleston so I hitched a ride and payed a visit to my expecting friend Christin. It’s such a treat to hang out and relax with her and her family. Pregnancy is such an intriguing process; I keep asking her about it, and trying to get her to reveal her baby boy’s name to me, but she won’t do it!

I’m amazed at everything that’s normal about her being pregnant – she can do just about everything she used to except bend over to pull on her pants and tie her shoes. Mostly she said, you’re just very aware of changes in your body and bodily functions. I don’t believe women who say they “never knew they were pregnant”. Ya, right! You’re just not aware of this gigantic beach ball that forms right under your inflamed breasts?

Well, I have to say this is the first baby I can truthfully say I am looking forward to being born. I guess I have a reason to be interested in him since his Mom’s my friend. I am planning on being in England when he’s born, so I will be relying on sharing photos online. Baby Verkaik, on the way!!

Christin, Michael and I had some good conversations/discussions over lunch at Poe’s in downtown Charleston. Here’s what I can take away from my visit:

Edgar Allen Poe lived in Sullivan’s Island for awhile, and there’s restaurant named after him.

Charleston and Columbia are the only places to do things in South Carolina.

The only thing to do in Clemson is drink or hunt.

The gamecock is a stupid mascot.

We all identify ourselves with a group of people to a certain extent so we should go easy on Southern frat boys and sorority girls. We just don’t pay for our friends.

I can’t do anything stupid because the UK government has ALL my finger prints (not that I would).

Dachshunds are sweeter dogs than I thought they could be, although they can bark out a hyena.

There’s nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy out in our society.

That doesn’t mean it’s the norm.

Would prefer he asked her to marry him though.

Men like to feel they are men, but that doesn’t mean women need to wait on them to make all the decisions.

Yes, our economy sucks. And our healthcare system sucks. And our education system sucks. (at least paying for it does)

It’s free in most of Europe.

Why am I going to England then, except to meet some hot prince, right? Ha. The castles, for sure…And soccer, or football, so I’ve heard…