Simple, isn’t it?

I hadn’t come to any further conclusions recently about this topic of Christian artists struggling to find freedom to make sure they are doing the “right thing” with their art, i.e. honoring God in it, until today when I was struggling with my “laws” again- perfect timing to listen to a sermon. A friend of mine told me that her prayer was that I would “just hear the gospel”. Great, I thought. I wanted it to be more complicated than that, but it’s not.

If you’re interested, in this message Paul Zahl lays out the implications of the law as defined by the apostle Paul in Galations 2 and as it pertains to us everyday. What I wanted to share was this quote: look at verses 20-21 “Christ took the burden of demand so we would not have to live under the law. And therefore creativity would not be under constraint,but it would be totally free…That’s what freedom is. Freedom is the end of the law so the Holy Spirit can inspire free loving and free creating.”

Creativity, in God’s book, was designed and destined for a purpose, to be used, not to go unnoticed.

Freedom from the burden of the law, any law or set of standards we hold ourselves to or others, can be found in Jesus Christ, who came to set us free from the Law. Rom. 10 Christ is the end of the Law.

Liberty I Paul Zahl